Legs in Jeans


Being a teenager can be really tough.  Being a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome or ADHD can be even more challenging.  At Rainbow House we can provide support, understanding, practical strategies and highly skilled, individualised counselling during the more difficult periods of being a teenager (and raising a teenager).  This can include, but isn't limited to, teaching teens and their parents to effectively manage:


  • anxiety

  • frustration and anger  

  • depression

  • social issues 

  • issues related to understanding Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD

  • family relationships

  • electronic and other addictions

  • executive functioning (organising, planning, prioritising etc)

  • school refusal  

  • fears and phobias


Short term counselling - often no more than ten sessions - can help arm teenagers and their parents with the skills to more smoothly navigate this new stage of life.